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Only 20% of businesses ever sell.
Baby Boomers own 83% of businesses. It is  $10 Trillion in combined value. Most of that will change hands over this decade as they attempt to sell out.  

Here's the problem: only 20% of businesses ever sell.

Can we fix that? 
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M&A is the first MPA-rated documentary to explore how to fix this.

Attendee Interviews at the Worldwide Premiere

M&A is playing exclusively in theaters.   


M&A is hosted and sponsored by local business and industry groups.  Those interested in sponsoring a showing in their community should contact us.    

The movie follows the story of multiple industry leaders who are desperately trying to improve the industry burdened with that failing statistic.


The societal and economic consequences of that many businesses being liquidated with the accompanying jobs lost would be catastrophic.  


This is critical to get right as 60% of business owners state they must successfully sell their company to live their ideal lifestyle in retirement. 

M&A (PG) is the first MPA-rated documentary on this topic.  The worldwide theatrical premiere was held on May 11, 2023 in Greenbay, WI.  That premiere was hosted by EO (Entrepreneurial Organization) Wisconsin and co-hosted by Cornerstone Business Services, Inc.


This film grew organically from those within the industry who are striving to improve those painful statistics, which include the industry’s associations like M&A Source, IBBA, MidMarket Alliance, and many others, as well as iconic leaders like Verne Harnish (Founder of EO and author of Scaling Up), Bo Burlingham (Editor at Large of Inc. Magazine and author of Finish Big) each of whom helped outline the key experts to interview for this important film project.  


Clip from M&A

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